Due to COVID-19 this module is being fast-tracked for use in the field in an attempt to answer demand for respiratory teaching. Whilst evidence-based research is essential to determine effectiveness, the urgency to deal with this disease pushes us to act sooner on this module.

Although DevelopingPhysio's other teaching modules remain restricted during a robust six year research study at The Global Health Academy, University of Edinburgh, this module has been fast-tracked for use by qualified physios to use at their discretion. It has been demonstrated to qualified physios with experience of working in LMIC, who then voted (anonymously) on whether they believe the module is ready for public availablity.

Of the twenty six asked to vote, twenty three voted yes and the remaining three did not vote no. We have therefore decided to proceed to publication on the understanding that this is the starting line of a refinement process. Your feedback on this module remains vital for the sake of all users in the field, so please leave us your feedback using the link below or contact us here. The introduction contains fuller information on how to use the module safely.

As a teaching physio, what immediate thoughts do you have?